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About True Budget Travel


With 37+ countries in my rearview, and nearly all of that travel done on very little income (often as a volunteer or while working minimum wage jobs), I find myself in the unique position of being able to encourage others to live a True Budget Travel life. This life is meaningful – the destinations chosen are meaningful for me for one reason or another – and frugal, minimalistic, and deep. I travel with the eye of an artist and the heart of an explorer going beyond the typical tourist traps – though they can be meaningful, too! – and the desire of a world-changer. Let’s make travel more meaningful together as we explore ways of living frugally, with less focus on luxury and more focus on real life, culture, and the love of all people and nations.

What True Budget Travel is all about


I’ve been traveling the world for years (Iceland, Andorra, Morocco & Wales will bring me to 41 this year).  I was born into a family of adventurers,  industry/field pioneers, aviators (first woman to fly around the world!) and dreamers.  And that family happens  to be pretty good at doing travel on a very limited budget.

When I was planning my trip to Peru (July 2017), I went looking for  travel tips and ideas for Peru on a super limited budget.  I found  little that gave ideas on how to travel on my kind of budget.  Y’know,  less than $500 after the initial cost of the flight getting down there  and back.  When those didn’t appear, I started searching for sites that  gave ideas and tips for other destinations on such limited budget. That  didn’t exist either.  That was my cue.

In the past 15+ years, I’ve been to over 30 countries (plus 45 of the  50 States).  During those 15 years, I have either lived as a college  student, full-time volunteer, short-term volunteer, earned minimum wage,  or earned less than $1300 per month while independent contracting  (while living in a major city).

I’ve had a pretty low travel budget my whole life, but that hasn’t  stopped me from going to all of these countries, many of them for weeks or months at a time.  I’m going to tell you how you can do that, too.

And just so you know, these countries aren’t all cheap visits like  Mexico and Guatemala.  Here’s the list so you have an idea of what I’m  talking about.

Germany (2002)

Austria (2002)

Hungary (2002)

Switzerland (2002)

Liechtenstein (2002)

Slovakia (2002)

Czech Republic (2002)

South Africa (2004)

Ireland (2007)

Northern Ireland (2007)

Scotland (2007)

Great Britain/England (2007)

France (2007)

Spain (2007)

Italy (2007)

Germany (2007)

Belgium (2007)

Russia (2007)

Netherlands (2007)

Australia (2008)

Guatemala (2009)

Greece (2010)

Cook Islands (2011)

Australia (2011)

New Zealand (2011)

Canada (2012)

Guatemala (2013)

El Salvador (2013)

Nicaragua (2013)

Costa Rica (2013)

Panama (2013)

Colombia (2015)

Peru (2017)

This year, I'm returning to a few, and adding a few more as a travel writer, and as someone seeking healing and meaning as I return to a few significant-to-me places.

This is not one of the gimmick travel blogs about “how you, too, can travel  the world making residual money with no effort.”  This site is strictly  for budget travel ideas, lifestyle changes and tips, etc., related to improving  your opportunities for actually traveling the world when you have a  limited income. Some of this information is going to talk about  volunteer work as a source of travel resource, as well as some ways to  travel on the cheap if -- and only if -- you’re reasonably fit or willing  to get that way before you travel.

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  If you want to learn how to travel the world on little income (or just little money!), check back in, follow the blog, or send a question. I'm happy to hear from anyone. My purpose is to help anyone from anywhere learn how to do this.